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How To Download YoUtube Video on Pc

Since Internet data in India has become cheap, users are beginning to love watching online videos. Most videos are the most preferred app and website for watching online videos, where YouTube has millions of videos from around the world. The video of every choice of users is easily found on YouTube.

Sometimes there is a chance to watch a video suddenly but due to the lack of internet, it is not possible to see it.

If you have to face this kind of problem, then today we are going to tell you a trick so that you can easily download your favorite YouTube videos. Most importantly, you will not even need Internet to view downloaded videos. With this, you can also share these videos with others from your smartphone and computer.

Do so on pc download
To download YouTube videos on Windows PC first install 4K Video Downloader. This software is completely free. With this software you can download complete playlists. After the software is installed, check the launch option on your screen and click on the finish.
Copy and paste video url

Go to your web browser and open the youtube video you want to download. After that copy the URLs of that video. After copying, return to the 4K video downloader and click the paste link.

At the same time, this software will collect the information of that video link and you will be able to tag the download quality. After that click on the resolution of the video you want to download it. Explain that the quality of the video will depend on the quality of the video on YouTube.

These downloaded videos will be available in the Downloads folder of your PC. You can move it from here to any other folder according to your dream. Not only this, you can share these videos with email and data cable from other devices.
Do this on smartphone download

If you want to download YouTube videos on your own smartphone, you first have to open the YouTube app. Here you play the video you want to download. As soon as the video is playing, share option will appear next to the Like Dislike option. Click on it to copy the URL of the video.

After this you have to open by visiting Google App. Here, paste in the given option for link paste and paste the copied url. After pasting, please click on the download button below the bar. After this you will have quality options and you will be able to download your video.

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