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How To Download Voter Helpline App Verify Details

The Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019 have been announced and the Election Commission is also introducing the exercise of digitally joining the voters. Election Commission has launched an official app on the Android platform in February.

This app is a single point of all types of information related to elections and you can get information from filing a complaint, enrollment, up to date candidates. You can also check your name in the voter list with the help of this app. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

According to the Indian Election Commission, the purpose of designing this app is to link the common citizen of the country directly to the information process and the level of information related to it. Participation in the election process of commission voters too wants to increase with the help of S App.

This app is a single point-of-service to provide election information to voters across the country. This mobile application updates live data from EC’s portal. Its purpose is to educate and motivate the voters.

After downloading it from the Google Play Store, users can enter online forms and check their status as well as verifying their personal information. A complaint can be lodged on the app and information about election and result can also be obtained. The main features of the ‘Voter Helpline’ app include the need to verify your information. Voters can get personal information with the help of their EPIC number. EPIC number is the special number of voters on the voter ID card from the Election Commission.

The app can be applied for registration in the voter list or for creating a new Voter ID card. Also, there is an option to check its name in the voter list. In case of change in name, address or assembly area, applications can also be applied. You can install this app by searching the ‘Voter Helpline’ on the Play Store. After opening this app of 11MB, you will get a discclaimer, after accepts it you can use its features.

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