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Amazon Pay Launched Instant Payment Transfer App

Amazon Pay has introduced a new service instantly P2P Money Transfer for Android users. Under this, users will be able to transfer each other to bank-to-bank through the UPI platform using the Amazon app. Amazon says that users will be able to make bill payments, rent, and payouts through this service. Development Bansal, Director, Amazon Pay, says that providing this service to users is a great option for shopping and payment on our platform. It provides additional convenience and control to our users. Through this, P2P payments can be made by adding users to their contacts or UPI.

Launch Offer at Instant P2P Money Transfer Service

With this service, the company has given a cashback of up to Rs 120 to the users paying the UPI. At the same time, the company has said the payment system is completely secure. He said that all payments are secured through Multi-Factor Authentication. They work through phone, SIM details and the user PIN of the users. It also said that their target is to make Amazon Pay the most reliable, convenient and beneficial way for the users.

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Learn about Amazon Pay

Before this, Amazon Pay was used for online payment. There was no P2P payment or money transfer facility available. Through this, users could book online shopping, ticket booking. Users are given discounts on this. Launching Amazon Pay, Director Vikas Bansal had said, “The launch of Amazon Pay UPI is to accelerate the merchant payment on the UPI platform.”

User Transaction is Secure:

Every user transaction made on Amazon is protected by the UPI pin, including mobile device verification. Users can link their bank account to UPI through a one time set-up process. With this, any payment can be made immediately. The company says that Amazon wants to connect its users with BHIM UPI through this launch. This will accelerate the cashless India Government of India.

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